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The massages at Massagepraktijk Alt at Maastrichter Pastoorstraat 14, 6211 BV Maastricht can be booked using our online calendar. 


Short interview 

During an initial visit, a short interview will take place to support the treatment. This takes about 5 minutes. After the interview the massage follows, which will last the chosen time.

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Practice information:

Massages can be booked online 

Weekdays 06.00 pm – 22.00 pm
Saturday: 04.00 pm – 22.00 pm
Sunday: closed


Telephone: 0621 153315
Location: Maastrichter Pastoorstraat 14, 6211 BV Maastricht
Post address: Montenakerbank 19, 6213 JK Maastricht

Gentle full body massage to relax your body and mind

60 minutes € 55

90 minutes € 80

Duo massage 60 minutes € 110

Duo massage 90 minutes € 160

Deep tissue massage with focus on back and shoulder issues, finishing with light body relaxation massage

60 minutes € 55

Deep tissue massage with focus on removing muscle knots (may include cupping) finishing with light body relaxation massage

60 minutes € 60

Relaxation massage including the benefits of hot stones

60 minutes € 60

90 minutes € 85

Duo massage hot stone 60 minutes € 120

Duo massage hot stone 90 minutes € 170

Firm massage with focus on back and shoulders

20 minutes € 25

*Mobile service available in the Maastricht area at a cost of  € 5 plus any parking fees if required

Benefits of a massage

You will fall asleep faster after a relaxation massage, because your body and mind will be relaxed.

 Muscle aches and back pains

Not just back massages and sport massages but also working on a better posture.

Energize your mind and body

By clearing your mind and relaxing your body, you will get new energy.

Affiliated with the quality mark: KZAG

Massage Practice Alt distinguishes itself as a massage therapist because it is affiliated with the KZAG: Quality Care Alternative Medicine. The hallmark for therapists alternative medicine.

The Quality Therapist quality mark stands for the quality and guarantee of therapists in alternative medicine, such as massage therapies, wellness massage, possibly in combination with beauty treatments.

There are all types of massages you can book online

Contact me if you you have any questions!

Physical complaints are often linked to holding back emotions or building up stress


A massage can help remove mental tension from your body.

Example: Stress.

Your body responds to emotions or pressure by building up tension.

The body reacts. It holds on to tension. In stress or on the edge of a burn-out, the body has accumulated so much tension that it is stuck.

A relaxation massage will ease your mind and your body relaxed.

It is the mental vacation your head needed, so it can let go of physical tension.

Massage: the most beautiful gift my hands can give YOU!

My name is Corrie Alt and I am your massage therapist. You will feel positively charged and wonderful relaxed after a treatment.

That’s what it is all about. Finding relaxation and rest.

“A good feeling is a good massage. A good massage is feeling good.”

 Trust and safety are very important.

Imagine floating away from your every day worries. There is only relaxation of body and mind.


Talking about a gift: You can purchase gift cards for massages as a present.

A few reviews

After having trouble with my calves for years. Always tight and cramping I occasionally go for massages to get some relief but would usually find it painful and barely worth the minimal relief. Until I met Corrie. She had a great technique and just the right pressure to still find it somewhat relaxing. I also felt more relief and less cramping afterwards. I can honestly recommend Corrie for great treatment.

Mr. J. Glindon

Australia, (review via Tripadvisor)

I recently had the pleasure of receiving a massage at Massagepraktijk Alt.

It was, by far, unlike anything I have experienced in my life. It was a surreal experience, an enlightening of my body, mind and spirit. I suffer from chronic neck and back pain. It’s been a week since she gave me a massage and I have not felt ANY pain and have slept like a baby. I usually wake up in the morning, sore and hurting, but I have not had ANY discomfort since my massage.

Mrs. Liane Moonraven

England, (review via Facebook)


I reserve time for  you.

If an appointment has to be cancelled, this can be done within 24 hours before the treatment without any problems.

If an appointment is not cancelled within 24 hours before the treatment or you miss your appointment, I will have to charge my time.