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The massages at Massagepraktijk Alt at Maastrichter Pastoorstraat 14, 6211 BV Maastricht can be booked using our online calendar.
Short Interview

Short interview

During an initial visit, a short interview will take place to support the treatment. This takes about 5 minutes. After the interview the massage follows, which will last the chosen time.

Massage: the most beautiful gift 
my hands can give YOU!

My name is Corrie Alt and I am your massage therapist. You will feel positively charged and wonderful relaxed after a treatment. 

That’s what it is all about. Finding relaxation and rest. “A good feeling is a good massage. A good massage is feeling good.” 

Trust and safety are very important. Imagine floating away from your every day worries. There is only relaxation of body and mind.


Relaxation Massage

Gentle full body massage to relax your body and mind

60 minutes € 65

90 minutes € 90

Duo massage 60 minutes € 130

Duo massage 90 minutes € 180


Back Issues Massage

Deep tissue massage with focus on back and shoulder issues, finishing with light body relaxation massage. 

*This massage is also a full body massage because all the muscles are connected

60 minutes € 70


Hand and Foot Massage 

Relaxing massage of hands and feet

max 60 minutes  max € 65

(contact me directly when you want to book this) 


Hotstone Massage

Relaxation massage including the benefits of hot stones

60 minutes € 75

90 minutes € 100

Duo massage hot stone 60 minutes € 150

Duo massage hot stone 90 minutes € 200


Chair Massage 

20 minutes € 25

(contact me directly when you want to book this) 


*relaxation massage at your location in Maastricht additional € 10,00 

Frequently Asked Questions

Can i use my pin card?

Before the massage starts we will take care of the payment. This way we can our time with the massage. You can pay with cash or use your pin card.

How long does the interview take?

The first interview will take about 5-10 minutes. We will fill out the form together. We need to do this so that i know of any medications or illnesses. I also need to know about any allergies, since i am using oils (For instance: nut allergies).

Insurance reimbursement

Massagepraktijk Alt does not work with insurance reimbursements.

When CANT i do the massage?

In the following cases i can not give a massage: Pregnancy, Cancer ea Chemotherapy, Flu. Other cases are with areas on the body:  Eczema, Psoriasis, Varicose veins, Open wounds, Acne, Athlete's foot.

Physical complaints are often linked to holding back emotions or building up stress

A massage can help remove mental tension from your body.

Example: Stress.

Your body responds to emotions or pressure by building up tension.

The body reacts. It holds on to tension. In stress or on the edge of a burn-out, the body has accumulated so much tension that it is stuck.

A relaxation massage will ease your mind and your body relaxes.

It is the mental vacation your head needed, so it can let go of physical tension.


Benefits of a massage

Benefits of a massage
You will fall asleep faster after a relaxation massage, because your body and mind will be relaxed.

Muscle aches and back pains

Muscle aches and back pains
Not just back massages and sport massages but also working on a better posture.

Energize your mind and body

Engergize your mind and body
By clearing your mind and relaxing your body, you will get new energy.
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Scheduled appointments can be cancelled/rescheduled  12 hours before the appointment at the latest.  When the appointment doesn’t get cancelled or rescheduled in time, the full amount will be charged. When arriving late for an appointment, that time will be taken of the treatment time. The full amount will be charged for the appointment.